What We Do

The mission of Reliance Commercial Property Services (RCPS) is to provide engaged management leadership and support through the continuous application of the goals and objectives of the ownership to achieve asset appreciation and revenue growth.

To that end, RCPS strives to deliver an increased service standard and attention to the details of property operation, while ever mindful of the ownership objectives for the property. RCPS is an extension of and in partnership with an owner to maintain the physical asset, retain and improve occupancy and increase the financial viability of the asset.

Management in a global perspective requires the balance of the needs of the property and tenants, to those of the ownership and financial recourses of the property. Regular contact and reporting to the ownership, establishes a foundation for a working relationship and an understanding of guidelines for management. In the continuous management of a property our primary focus is tenant retention. Tenant retention is not only tenant relations through regular contact but the proactive approach to tenant comfort and assisting in the operation of their business. Lacking the comfort and security of a quality environment in which to operate, tenants will seek other accommodations. The proactive approach requires timely evaluation of all services and functions provided to the property by third parties, both from the performance and cost results. We continually reevaluate to determine the best product/service for the best price.